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Meet Us

Behind the Counter

​Nutrimax Meal Prep is a meal prep business like no other. Our team is composed of Will Wu and Xu Yan, two individuals with over 20 years of combined experience in the fitness and nutrition world. The first time they met was at the gym and Yan became Will's personal training client. They started Nutrimax Meal Prep in 2022 after becoming close friends over the years . Will holds a degree in Kinesiology and has been a fitness professional for over 10 years. Yan has over 10 years of kitchen experience. 


Together, they have created Nutrimax Meal Prep to bring healthy food to their local community. With their diverse background, they strive to provide the maximum nutrition to their clients. Their goal is to take the hassle out of meal prepping and make it easier for everyone to stay healthy and fit.


After Training
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