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Vegan Bowl

How to Place the Order

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions



Food Delivery

Step 1

Order Now

Click order now from our home page to enter the ordering page, and add the meals or packages you would like to have to the cart.

Step 2

Check out

Once you have everything added to your cart, please click check out and select delivery date or pick up date and location. Feel free to tip us if you would like to support our delivery team with great effort on each delivery. You also can put a coupon code before check out if you have one.

Contactless Payment
Lunch Break

Step 3

Confirmation Email

After you successfully place the order, you will get a confirmation email. You might find it in the spam folder sometimes. 

Step 4


Your order will be delivered on the day you selected if it's a pickup order feel free to contact the pickup location for confirmation. Our delivery team will call you when we arrive at the destination, the order will be placed in a safe area if no one answers. (We are working on the ETA for each order, it's normally from 11am~4pm)

 Delivery Driver
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